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Goji Berries

Where are your Goji Berries from and why are they special?

Our goji berries are specially selected, and are organically grown in the pristine, high-altitude Tibetan Plateau, China. The isolation of the plateau, known to be free from pollution and gifted with lots of sun, crystal clear waters (from melted snow) and clean air quality, provide the perfect environmental conditions for growing these wonderfully sweet, super-sized Goji berries. They are also unsweetened and free from sulfites – as ascertained through lab reports.

Do I have to cook the Goji Berries?

No, you can eat these super-sized goji berries straight out of the bag like any normal dried fruit. Or you can steep them in hot tea, or use them in recipes that call for some natural sweetness.

Why are Goji Berries classified as a superfood?

Nutrient-dense Goji Berries contain lots of carotenoids- beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, lutein, β-crytoxanthin, and lycopene, at least 6 vitamins (C, B1,B2,B3,B6,E), over 30 essential and trace elements (which is unheard of in any fruit), polyphenolic antioxidants and 19 amino acids.

Do Goji Berries have side effects when taken with medication?

While it’s mostly safe to consume, goji berries may interact with some drugs. It is best to avoid goji berries if you are consuming medicine that acts as a blood thinner. Goji berries may also interact with medication for diabetes and blood pressure, so it is best to talk with your doctor first before consuming them.

Do I have to wash the Goji Berries before consumption?

No! Nature’s Superfoods Organic Goji Berries are organically grown in the pristine, high-altitude Tibetan Plateau. The isolation of the plateau is known to be free from pollution, has lots of sunlight, crystal clear waters which comes from the melted snow and has clean air quality which provides the perfect environmental conditions for growing these wonderful Goji berries. Moreover, our Goji berries have met the highest food standards, having passed testing for pesticide residue and heavy metals. Nature’s Superfoods Goji Berries are also undyed and unsulphured. Hence, our Goji Berries do not have to be washed before consumption.

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