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All the rave these days, the inclusion of superfoods in diets are not without their merits. Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, our range of organic foods are diverse and well-supplemented to fit your everyday needs. Although these superfoods are stock full of nutrients, they are best consumed alongside a well-balanced diet. From breakfast cereals to varied grains and seeds, shop for your organic food needs here in Singapore on Nature’s Superfoods.

Favourite Buys
Feast your eyes on the best-selling products from our range of wholesome and nutritious organic foods in Singapore. Change up your recipes by trying any one of our popular superfoods listed here. From protein powders to gift sets, these superfoods are the ticket to a healthier, more nutrient-dense diet.

Mission and vision

Why Nature’s Superfoods?

Nature’s Superfoods carries a wide range of superfoods, from grains and seeds to hearty breakfast cereals. If you’re looking for quality, nutrient-rich organic food, Nature’s Superfoods is the best. With a minimum spend of $75, you can get your products delivered to your doorstep for free. Begin your journey to a healthier life philosophy when you shop with us. Create an account with us to accumulate points with every purchase.

Recipes - Bringing Smiles To The Table

Our organic food recipes are perfectly splendid for family dinners, get-togethers and party occasions. Offering only the best in Singapore, these superfood recipes don’t have to be boring. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners – we’ve got you all sorted out for a well-balanced organic food diet. Spice up mealtimes with these ingenious and varied organic recipes.

What People Say

  • We are proud to be one of Singapore's fastest growing companies!
    The Straits Times & Statista
  • As the store’s name suggests, Nature’s Superfoods is the ultimate superfood haven. For superfood powders alone, the mart sells a comprehensive selection, which includes organic raw camu camu berry powder and organic gelatinised maca root powder...
  • The 6 Best Protein Powders In Singapore.
    Best In Singapore
  • We are proud to be one of Singapore's fastest-growing companies 2nd year in a row.
    The Straits Times & Statista
  • Product Feature: Organic Green Clean Detox Superfood Mix
    Harper's Bazaar Singapore
  • FT ranking: Asia-Pacific High-Growth Companies
    Financial Times
  • How This Superfood Biz Became One Of The Top 100 Fastest Growing Firms In S'pore
    Vulcan Post
  • We are proud to be one of Singapore's fastest-growing companies not just in 2019 and 2020, but also 2021!
    The Straits Times & Statista
  • Nature's Superfoods has been selected as one of The Finest Wholesale Food Suppliers in Singapore.
    Singapore's Finest
  • ... Staying true to their namesake, Nature's Superfoods offers organic food packed with nutrition and health-protecting benefits at affordable prices. They are also firm supporters and promoters of sustainable agriculture...
    PAP Nee Soon Website
Superfoods are plant-based foods, not a miracle drug. Nature's Superfoods' products are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.