To get additional perks, be one of our Superfriends!

1. How to be a Superfriend (SF)?

Create an account (sign up) on our website before you start shopping. Purchase a total of S$100 in a single purchase – you’ll automatically qualify as our Superfriend in your next purchase. Your new status will be reflected automatically on your account dashboard the next time you make an order.

2. Why be a Superfriend (SF)?

  • Being a Superfriend has its privileges! You will get an additional 3% discount off the regular prices on our website for every purchase. The discounted amount will be reflected at checkout. In addition to this 3% discount, you can offset your purchases with our Loyalty Points.
  • Enjoy Superfriend discount codes emailed to you on a monthly basis. We will update you (via email) on these promo codes/privileges as and when a new promotion is added.
  • Being a Superfriend is a lifetime privilege; no annual renewal is needed.

3. How do you purchase online as a new Superfriend (SF)?

Sign in using the same email and password as you did when you created your account . The additional 3% SF discount will be reflected at checkout. You have the option of changing your password once signed in.