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Organic Premium Matcha Powder – Culinary Grade (For Recipes)

Premium Japanese Green Tea

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Product Description

Nature’s Superfoods Matcha is NOT your typical green tea. Although they come from the same plant Camellia sinensis, Matcha contains much more nutrients than the typical green tea (1 cup of Matcha tea is equivalent to 10-15 cups of typical green tea). Matcha is both a stimulant and a relaxant, providing 4-6 hours of steady energy.

Please rest assured this superfood has been lab-tested for heavy metals.


100% Organic Powdered Green Tea Leaves

Certified Organic: JAS

  • Low-GI
  • Non-GMO
  • Halal-Certified
  • No Added Sugar, Color or Flavor Enhancers
  • Almost Calorie-Free
  • Nutrition

    MATCHA: Matcha contains good amounts of antioxidant polyphenols, which include flavanols, flavonoids and phenolic acid which are commonly known as catechins. It is also loaded with amino acids, such as L-theanine and theophylline which makes it a nutrient-dense superfood. Chlorophyll helps in detoxification; while L-theanine amino acid is known to reduce anxiety and stress, and when combined with the caffeine content in matcha, induces a calmer, yet more alert, state of mind. Additionally, Matcha tea also provides substantial quantities of potassium, vitamin A & C, iron, protein and calcium!

    Not all Matcha teas are the same. Nature’s Superfoods has sourced for the best-tasting and highest-quality certified organic Matcha tea that comes from the tea-growing regions in Japan. The finest Matcha are hand-picked, steamed, dried and then milled into fine Matcha powder.

    Certified organic matcha powders often don't have the vibrant green colour that a high grade non-organic matcha can have, and are often slightly duller in colour. This is due to the fertilizers used while the tea leaves are shade grown. Shade-grown matcha doesn't get its energy from the sun; hence, it is given extra fertilizers to enhance the levels of chlorophyll, and gives matcha its beautiful jade green colour.

    When the matcha is grown organically, it is given organic fertilizers which lack the “instant energizing effect” of chemical non-organic fertilizers, and this slows down the rate at which the organic matcha plant gets its nutrients. Consequently, this leads to a slight change of flavor and color of the finished matcha product. If you choose organic and clean, the slightly altered color and flavor would be a small price to pay for the purity of organic matcha powder, without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Chemical pesticides not only harm the environment, they carry health risks too according to research.

    Additional steps have been taken to ensure that our Matcha Powder is one that you can trust. Nature's Superfoods Matcha Powder has been lab-tested for contaminants like heavy metals and radiation.


    Organic Ceremonial Matcha (First Flush)

    Organic Culinary-Grade Matcha (For Recipes)


    First Flush

    Later in the season

    Quality of Leaves

    Good quality – young and tender leaves

    Normal organic quality leaves


    Umami” (plant sweetness), with a slight hint of bitterness

    Mild natural bitterness


    Vibrant green

    Earthy / Autumn green

    Suitable for

    Drinking (just add hot water)


    Botanical Name: Camellia sinensis

    For more frequently asked questions on Organic Culinary Matcha Powder, click here

    Health Benefits

    Additional Benefits

    • Promotes relaxation & mental alertness (healthy alternative to coffee)
    • Improves detoxification
    • Help increase metabolism

    How To Enjoy

    1) As hot tea (slightly bitter)  : Add ½ tsp (1g) of Matcha powder to a small cup or bowl. Add about 150ml of water at about 80 °C. Stir well with a spoon or whisk (with a bamboo whisk) until frothy. Serve immediately.

    2) In Matcha Latte/Recipes : Add ½ tsp (1g) of Matcha powder to milk, stir well and enjoy!  Matcha is versatile in a variety of recipes from lattes, desserts to baking treats. 

    Once opened, best kept refrigerated. Consume within 3 months for best taste. 

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