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Organic Monk Fruit Zero-Calorie Sweetener

Zero Net Carbs l Keto-Friendly l Diabetic-Friendly

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Country of Origin: China

Best Before: May 2026


Product Description

Indulge in guilt-free sweetness with our Organic Monk Fruit Sweetener - perfect for individuals with a sweet tooth looking to control their calorie intake or reduce sugar consumption.

This zero-calorie sweetener transforms your favourite beverages, baked goods, and recipes, replacing table sugar with healthier options without compromising the taste.

Whether you’re adding it into your morning coffee, low-carb treats, or simply for enhancing the taste of your favourite sauces, you can now enjoy sugarless sweetness with a sprinkle of this zero-calorie sugar substitute.

Benefits Of Monk Fruit Sweetener :

  • Zero Calories : Unlike sugar which has almost 4 calories per gram, organic monk fruit sweetener has no calories. This makes it a great choice for people on a calorie restricted diet or weight management plan, adding versatility into their diet without exceeding their calorie intake limit.
  • Zero Net Carbs : Monk fruit sweetener contains minimal amounts of digestible carbohydrates, making it a keto friendly option. An ideal sugar replacement for low-carb diet.
  • Does Not Spike Blood Sugar or Insulin : Unlike white or brown sugar which has a glycemic index of up to 70, monk fruit sweetener has a glycemic index of 0, meaning it won't spike your blood sugar levels. This makes it diabetic-friendly and a suitable choice for people managing blood sugar for any reason. By not raising the blood sugar levels, it also helps avoid sugar crashes.
  • 1:1 Sugar Replacement with No Bitter Aftertaste : This sweetener is organically derived from the monk fruit, offering sweetness without any added artificial ingredients. It offers a 1:1 ratio of replacement for sugar but unlike sugar, monk fruit sweetener doesn't contribute to tooth decay.
  • Heat stable for baking and cooking : Having a high heat stability makes it a good option for use in making drinks, cooking and also baking. It can withstand high heat without losing its sweetness, and doesn’t caramelize or crystallize like sugar when heated.


Organic Monk Fruit Extract, Organic Erythritol

Organic Certifications: USDA

  • Halal-Certified
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Zero Glycaemic Impact - Does Not Spike Blood Sugar
Nutrition information :


Monk fruit, also known as Luo Han Guo, is a small green gourd native to southern China. It’s 150 to 200 times sweeter than sugar and contains zero calories. The fruit has been cultivated for centuries by Buddhist monks in the region, hence its name. Traditionally, monk fruit has been used in Chinese medicine for its sweet flavour and therapeutic properties.

Erythritol is a natural sugar alcohol that is widely used as a low-calorie sweetener. It occurs naturally in some fruits and fermented foods.

This monk fruit-erythritol blend combines two of nature's finest zero-calorie sweeteners into one perfect sugar substitute. The subtle sweetness of monk fruit extract is balanced by erythritol's sugar-like taste and texture, creating a versatile sweetener ideal for low-carb, keto, and diabetic-friendly diets.

Our Monk Fruit Zero-Calorie Sweetener Is Suitable For

  • Low-Carb Diets.
  • Ketogenic (Keto) Diets.
  • Diabetes or Blood Sugar Management Meal Plans.
  • Weight Loss or Calorie-Controlled Diets.
  • Pregnant or Lactating Women (Moderation is Recommended).

Health Benefits

How To Enjoy

This zero-calorie sweetener is a 1:1 replacement for granulated white/brown sugar in recipes. You can add it to your coffee, beverages, baked goods, and recipes.

1 teaspoon of organic monk fruit sweetener = 1 teaspoon of white sugar (in terms of sweetness)

It measures, pours, and blends just like sugar. It is also heat stable but may require slightly lower oven temperatures to prevent over-browning. Pls note that this sweetener does not caramelize or crystallize like sugar when heated.

Beverages: Coffee and Tea: Add monk fruit-erythritol sweetener to hot or iced coffee and tea or beverages for a calorie-free sweetness.

Cookies: Substitute sugar with monk fruit-erythritol sweetener in your favorite cookie recipes. It works well in most baked goods. Cakes and Muffins: Use it to sweeten cakes, muffins, and quick breads. It helps to maintain a sugar-like texture.
Brownies and Bars: Enhance your brownies and dessert bars with this sweetener for a lower calorie treat.

Ice Cream and Frozen Treats: Make low-sugar ice cream, frozen yogurt, or popsicles using monk fruit-erythritol sweetener. Puddings and Custards: Sweeten homemade puddings and custards with this blend for a guilt-free dessert.

Sauces and Dressings: Add a touch of monk fruit-erythritol sweetener to salad dressings, marinades, and sauces. Glazes: Use it to create glazes for meats, roasted vegetables, or baked goods.

Yogurt: Stir it into plain unsweetened yogurt for added sweetness without the extra calories. Granola and Cereal: Use it to sweeten homemade granola or cereal for a healthier breakfast option.

Moderation in consumption is recommended. Start with a small portion like 1 teaspoon in beverage/coffee to assess tolerance. In practical terms, a few teaspoons to a few tablespoons per day is unlikely to cause any adverse effects for most adult individuals.