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Top 3 Benefits of Plant Protein Powders


Written and Edited by: Nature’s Superfoods Team

Understanding Protein Powders – Is it Good? 

Adding sufficient protein to your diet is not just for athletes or bodybuilders. It is essential for a healthy immune system and for the organs in our body to function well. The amount of protein required for each individual is dependent on their age, gender, and activity level. Also, their dietary goals are worth taking note of. Are you looking to consume protein to supplement your workout routine and gain weight or muscle mass? Maybe you are following a Keto diet that is rich in protein? These are all factors to consider when deciding on the right amount of protein necessary for sustenance.

With the increasing popularity of plant-based lifestyles, vegan protein powders have become the go-to source of protein. Why? Not only is it easy to consume, but it is formulated to ensure daily protein requirements are easily met by individuals. There are, however, several types of protein powder. From whey and casein protein to pea and hemp protein, options are diverse. Catering to different needs such as muscle gain, weight loss, and diet requirements, any one of these types of protein powder can be carefully selected and added to your diet. A great example is Nature’s Superfoods Organic Plant Protein Powder, which has many benefits compared to other commercial, non-vegan protein powders. We cover some of the benefits of vegan protein powders below.

1. Dietary Benefits 

Nature’s Superfoods Organic Plant Protein Powder contains no animal derivatives, making it suitable for vegans/vegetarians and individuals who have dietary restrictions due to allergens such as dairy, nut soy and gluten. This is because it is made from Sacha Inchi seed powder (yes, a seed, not a nut) and not the typical Whey and Casein proteins from dairy. The Sacha Inchi seed, an Amazonian superfood, is not only a good source of protein but also high in anti-inflammatory Omega-3.

2. Nutritional Benefits

Nature’s Superfoods Plant Protein powder has been thoughtfully formulated without the use of additives, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or flavours to ensure optimal nutrition. It provides all the 9 essential amino acids (EAAs) – complete protein – that are required by our bodies for protein synthesis. Its content of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids improves protein metabolism and helps reduce inflammation too. It also has antioxidants that fight free radical damage. As a matter of fact, in one serving of plant protein (40 g), there is up to 21 g of complete protein and 1362 mg of Omega-3 fats –  both of which are excellent amounts for any diet.

3. Fitness Benefits

It is extremely important to look into your pre and post workout nutrition to reap the most benefits. And, remember that the main macronutrient that should be present in your post-workout meal is protein. Consuming protein after a workout helps with recovery and replenishes energy stores in the body. This occurs through protein synthesis of enzymes and the repair of muscle protein. New studies show that quality sources of protein and timing of protein intake are more important than the total amount of protein consumed. Besides chewing on plates of chicken breast, plant-based protein powders are a great supplement for your workout as it is clean and has been formulated to be bioavailable in the body.

How to Consume Plant-Based Protein Powder?

Veganism is on the rise for several reasons – its nutritional benefits is one of them that should not go unnoticed by individuals attempting to lead a healthy lifestyle. As such, consuming vegan protein powder is a health choice worth considering. Since it could not be easier and more versatile to incorporate them into your diet, why not make use of the many creative ways to add this powder into your diet? Try our blueberry cacao smoothie, is you’ve run out of recipe ideas!

If you want to try something new, you can always add plant protein powder to pancake mixes, no-bake energy balls, cookies, or even add it into your morning smoothies. Need an extra boost? Throw in some organic chia seeds for fibre or cacao nibs for that chocolatey taste. You might even like to try our Plant Protein Powder with Matcha or Cacao at Nature’s Superfoods organic food store in Singapore for a quick, hassle-free option when running off to the gym after work.

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