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Only Women Allowed? Maca Benefits for Men

Maca Roots

Written by: Nature’s Superfoods Team

Superfoods are known as nutrient powerhouses, containing large amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals – all of which are extremely beneficial to our bodies. Although most of them have been around as a staple food for centuries, some have only just recently gained traction in around the world. From acai berry to moringa leaf powder, these superfoods are gaining popularity outside of their original region of growth. One such superfood is Maca.

Maca root benefits are aplenty. However, these plus points are generally associated with women’s health. Making known its ability to ease menopause symptoms and counteract hormonal imbalances and stress, maca benefits for men are rarely discussed. As such, in line with Men’s Health Month, we’ll cover the top 6 maca benefits for men.

The Difference between Maca Root and Maca Powder

Before diving into the benefits of this superfood, it is pivotal to first understand the difference between the source and the product – maca root and maca powder. Maca root, as its name suggests, is part of a plant. Known as Lepidium Meyenii, or the Peruvian ginseng, the roots have been used for a long time to boost health. Maca powder, on the other hand, is formed by drying the roots and grinding them down into an easily consumable powdered form. There are also 3 different types of maca – yellow, black, and red. Each of them is revered for their unique benefits and varying flavour profiles, but yellow maca is the most common since it makes up about 70% of harvests. So, how does yellow organic maca root powder benefit men?

1. Male Libido

Maca is often advertised as an ingredient that boosts libido and stamina – but how true is this claim? Studies have demonstrated that maca root supplementation improved sexual dysfunction in men. This is further supported by a 2002 study that stated consuming maca improved sexual desire in men. However, research on maca’s sexual health benefits is still in its infancy stage, so more studies are required to warrant these claims. This is especially so since despite making claims in its ability to improve sexual desire, recorded observations showed that serum testosterone levels did not change in men.   

2. Male Fertility

There is plenty of evidence that maca root increases male fertility in terms of sperm quality and quantity. In a 2001 experiment conducted on 9 middle-aged men, an increase in the volume, count, and motility in sperms was detected after consuming maca for 4-months. But take these claims with a grain of salt because the latest research done to confirm this hypothesis was conducted on rats.

3. Boost Energy

Balancing hormonal levels and boosting energy might be a well-known maca root benefit. Considered an adaptogen, maca can raise the overall life force, energy, and vitality by perfectly adapting to the needs of each individual. Like American ginseng and Ashwagandha, these adaptogenic herbs push for a state of homeostasis in the body.

4. Bone Health

Beyond containing all 8 essential amino acids, maca is rich in calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron, potassium, and silica. This reduces the risk of developing osteoporosis and makes your bones stronger – a fact for both men and women.

5. Prostate Health

Containing high amounts of glucosinolates, organic maca root powder protects the body against prostate cancer. So, if you’re heading to an organic shop in Singapore to stock up on produce like broccoli or cabbage due to its high amounts of glucosinolates, note that organic maca root powder possesses it at higher concentrations! Incorporating it into your diet can thus reduce the risk of prostate enlargement that commonly occurs in aging men.

6. Mental Focus

An indirect result of mood improvement, maca contains high amounts of flavonoids. Flavonoids are known for its psychological benefits – think dark chocolate. This can reduce anxiety and any symptoms of depression. When such negative mental associations are gone, an individual will be able to focus better as well. Maca is also known to regulate the hypothalamus and improve brain function!

Get a Dose of All the Maca Benefits!

Ready to reap the benefits of maca?Just as it is extremely easy to attain from organic food stores in Singapore, it’s a breeze to incorporate into your diet – from smoothie bowls to macaccino, adding a little dash of maca into everyday foods will suffice.

Given all these benefits, maca is generally safe for all to consume. However, due to its potency, it may interfere with normal thyroid functions. Therefore, individuals with thyroid problems should be wary of its effects. Maca should also never be used as a substitute for medication, and professional advice should be sought before consuming this superfood powder.

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