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Coconut Cream Quinoa Tart w/ Maqui Berry

By @she_wan

We do not need to compromise our health just because we love desserts! Can we enjoy pastries, tarts, cakes, etc., and yet avoid those unhealthy artificial sweeteners? Well, the “Coconut Cream Quinoa Tart With Maqui Berry” is one such recipe that can help us do that. With organic ingredients and the sour punch of Maqui Berry Powder | Nature’s Superfoods, this recipe is rich in nutritional value and unique flavours. On top of that, this recipe uses Quinoa, which is a complete protein containing all essential amino acids! Moreover, the maqui berry used in the recipe is considered a “superfruit” because it is one of the fruits that contain the most antioxidants by weight.

You can have tasty tarts and yet benefit with good gut health, controlled blood sugar levels, prevention of heart disease, and more. Let’s check out the ingredients and steps to prepare this healthy dessert.


For A Delicious Crust

For A Rich Filling


Preparation Method

For Preparing Crust

Step 1) Put coconut oil in a rice cooker. Add quinoa and cook well.

Step 2) Put the flax seeds in the blender and make powder. Afterwards, add water and mix until the seeds attain a sticky texture.

Step 3) Put cooked quinoa and flax seed paste in a bowl and mix well.

Step 4) Take a tart mould and transfer the paste to it. Press and settle the mix properly in the mould.

Step 5) Bake the mix for 25-30 minutes, keeping the temperature at 200 degrees. You will see the paste turning golden brown.

Step 6) Take the mould out of the oven. Let the tart cool.

For Making Filling

Step 1) Take a pot. Put cashew milk, coconut milk, yacon syrup, vanilla extract, and cornstarch into it.

Step 2) Put the pot on the flame to heat the mixture. Afterwards, add agar powder and cook until the mix almost boils up.

Step 3) Take out 4 tablespoons of the mixture into a separate small bowl. Afterwards, add the maqui berry powder and mix well.

Step 4) Pour the mixture on the tart crust prepared previously. Then, add the maqui berry mix to the surface of the quinoa tart.

Step 5) Stir the berry mix slowly in a circular manner to make an appealing design. Afterwards, refrigerate for around 2 hours and serve chilled.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Do I Need To Rinse Quinoa Before Using?

Yes! Rinse the quinoa 2-3 times before using it in the recipe. Otherwise, it attains a different flavour profile which may go well with the other ingredients.

Can I Use Blender For Preparing Maqui Berry Mix?

Yes! To get a perfect consistency you can blend the maqui berry base or use a food processor. This way, you ensure that the mixture doesn’t have small crystals and that it flows well on the quinoa tart surface.

Can I Use Fruits As Toppings?

Sure, you can. Fruit toppings such as strawberries, maqui berries, and blueberries enhance the appearance of the quinoa tart. Also, they provide a unique taste and texture to the recipe.


With a crunchy crust and a creamy filling, the “Coconut Cream Quinoa Tart With Maqui Berry” is a perfect dessert for health-conscious people. This recipe is totally vegan and gluten-free, unlike standard tarts. So, you can try this amazing recipe and give your loved ones a healthy dessert treat for their taste buds. You can also store the quinoa-maqui berry tarts in the fridge for some days and consume them when you like.