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Camu-Mango-Banana Frozen Yoghurt


1 cup Frozen Mango and Banana (sliced or cubes)
tsp Nature’s Superfoods Camu-Camu Berry Powder
2 tbsp Raw White Honey OR 1.5 tbsp Nature’s Superfoods Yacon Syrup
Fresh Mint (optional)
250g Unsweetened Greek Yoghurt


Servings: 1
Preparation time: 10 – 15 minutes
Cooking time: No cooking
Level of difficulty: 2



  1. Place frozen mango/banana cubes in food processor and blend till smooth.

  2. Add Camu powder, honey, mint and yoghurt and blend until the consistency is smooth.

  3. Serve immediately as soft frozen yoghurt, or freeze for later.