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Can you Slow Aging?

artem bali

PREMATURE AGING happens mostly from a combination of environmental damage, lifestyle choices and medical conditions – which can trigger signs of aging at a much younger age.

These following factors can contribute to premature aging:

1. Mental health & Stress:

Constant high mental stress can deteriorate your health leading to cell death in skin cells and hair follicles leading to prematurely aged hair and skin.

2. Drinking:

Repeated chronic alcohol exposure can lead to oxidative stress on the skin, eventually damaging it in the process.

3. Sun and Moisture:

Excessive UV exposure (from both sunlight and tanning beds) is considered the #1 cause for premature aging. UV light radiation melts away the subcutaneous fat resulting in a sagging appearance of the face and loss of collagen which leads to wrinkling.

4. Physical Inactivity:

While physical activity helps to elongate telomeres, physical inactivity shortens them. Short telomeres can cause premature aging through increased oxidative stress and DNA damage.

Other factors such as smoking and sleep deprivation can also play a part in accelerating the aging process. One SOLUTION to help combat premature aging is to FIX YOUR DIET.

Consume foods that are rich in:

– Antioxidants

– Protein

– Essential fatty acids (eg. colourful veggies, turmeric, sacha seeds, berries like goji, acai and maqui and matcha).

These nutrients can help combat oxidative damage, repair skin cells and even boost collagen production to keep your skin looking youthful longer.

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