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    Can I consume Chia seeds on an empty stomach?

    You may consume chia seeds on an empty stomach if your stomach does not usually react adversely (causing gas or bloating or diarrhea) to high-fiber foods. Most people with regular stomachs do not have any problem consuming chia seeds on empty stomachs. A customer with Acid Reflux: We received feedback on how chia seeds have helped in this customer’s acid reflux problem. Customer would take about half a tablespoon of unsoaked, dry chia seeds and just swallow it on an empty stomach. The chia would absorb all the acid in the stomach. A few minutes later, he would drink a glass of water (as the seeds are so hydrophilic that if they do not find enough to absorb in the stomach, they will draw from the body tissues instead). Start with a small amount of dry chia seeds first.

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