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    Are there any adverse or side effects to taking Maca Root Powder?

    Maca has no known contraindications or toxicity. It is well tolerated by most people with proper use and at the right dosage. Maca is not in any way similar to a pharmaceutical drug or medicine which often does have side effects. Maca is simply a nutrient-dense whole food that has been consumed for thousands of years in the Andes of Peru. Having said the above, excessive intake of maca root powder may lead to worsened sleep quality, digestive issues, increased heart rate or mild headaches for some people. If you experience these symptoms, the solution is simple – reduce your dosage. If your daily diet comprises more of processed/cooked foods and very little fruits and vegetables, you may experience detoxification symptoms after taking Maca, such as headaches , flu-like symptoms, gas and bloating, coughing, etc. If this happens, do not worry, it generally lasts only a few days. Those who often suffer with allergies may develop allergic reactions to Maca. Allergic symptoms may include skin rashes/itch, pain/ tightness in the chest. Those with a sensitive digestive system may not tolerate raw maca root powder that well, and should consider taking the gelatinized(pre-cooked) form of maca root powder instead. A brief explanation of gelatinization is given above.

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