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    How do you consume Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)?

    As a dietary supplement. A good quality VCO will have a mild and pleasant coconut taste and smell, thus you can easily swallow it as a dietary supplement, with/after meals with no unpleasant feeling/taste or ‘bite’. For beginners, start with 1 tablespoon of VCO. If you are not comfortable with the coconut taste and aroma, you can consume (direct oral intake) our Culinary Virgin Coconut Oil, which is more neutral in taste. Our Culinary Virgin Coconut Oil is derived from passing the original Virgin Coconut Oil through inert clay to minimize the coconut taste and smell – it has all the nutritional goodness of our original VCO and is still an unrefined, cold-pressed oil. -Experiment with Virgin Coconut Oil by adding to salads and dishes where you want that mild coconut flavor. You can use our Culinary Virgin Coconut Oil for salads if you do not with to have that coconut taste/aroma. -Cook with VCO- it is one of the healthiest cooking oils in the world with a high smoking point (think trans fat-free dishes!). Note the mild coconut taste for the original VCO,and choose recipes wisely to complement the taste of coconut. For those who do not wish their cooked dishes to carry a coconut taste/aroma, choose our neutral-taste Culinary Virgin Coconut Oil for your daily cooking. -Cook healthy ‘nasi lemak’ style rice by adding 1 tbsp of original VCO to rice. Cook as usual in rice cooker.

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