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    How do you do Oil Pulling using Virgin Coconut Oil?

    Oil Pulling originated thousands of years ago in India, for the purpose of detoxification of the whole body. Just use a tablespoon of organic raw virgin coconut oil and swish it around in your mouth for 10-15 minutes before spitting the oil out in a trash can. As you are swishing the oil in your mouth, the enzymes in the oil fat will literally “pull” bacteria and toxins from your body. Be careful to not swallow the oil in your mouth as you would be ingesting bacteria and toxins as well. Best to do oil pulling after brushing your teeth, before meals on an empty stomach, once a day. Oil pulling may help with various ailments such as migraine headaches, sinus, tooth decay, teeth whitening, body/joint pains, acne, diabetes, etc. Do not be alarmed by the temporary worsening of symptoms as this usually occurs as part of the detoxification process. Continue with oil pulling until you sense improvement in your condition – may take weeks. For more information, go to

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