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    What is the difference between Maca and Tongkat Ali ?

    Maca root and Tongkat Ali root are herbal supplements with different origins and benefits. Maca originates in Peru and Tongkat Ali originates from Southeast Asia. Maca supports hormonal balance, fertility, energy, and mood for both men and women, while Tongkat Ali is commonly used for male sexual health, libido, fertility, and energy. Both Maca and Tongkat Ali are adaptogens that can help the body adapt to stress.

    Maca works well for both men and women, since it does not raise testosterone the way that Tongkat Ali does. What Maca seems to accomplish is a balancing of hormones (by nourishing and stimulating the body’s endocrine glands) and having the right (balanced) level of hormones is important for one’s libido and energy levels. Maca’s hormone-balancing function also helps reduce menopausal symptoms for both men and women.

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