Cinnamon Quinoa Porridge

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1) 6 tsp Nature’s Superfoods Organic Instant Quinoa Breakfast Cereal

2) 3 tsp Nature’s Superfoods Organic Instant Quinoa Powder

3) 1 tsp Nature’s Superfoods Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

4) 1 tsp Nature’s Superfoods Organic Premium Yacon Root Syrup

5) 1 cup hot milk or plant-based milk

6) 1 tsp Nature’s Superfoods Organic Sweet Cacao Nibs (optional: topping)


1) Add the Instant Quinoa Breakfast Cereal and Quinoa Powder into a medium-sized bowl.

2) Mix in hot milk/plant-based milk of your choice into the bowl.

3) Add in the Cinnamon Powder and Yacon Root Syrup and mix well incorporate into the porridge.

4) Sprinkle the Sweet Cacao Nibs to decorate and give the recipe a nutritional boost.

(Note: You can also top the porridge with superbites like mulberries and figs or fresh fruits)