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Christmas Dark Chocolate – Goji Bark

Chocolate is everyone’s favourite- kids or adults. Let us introduce you to an easy-to-make, healthy dark chocolate recipe with goji berries! The “Raw Dark Chocolate – Goji Berries Mini Cups” dessert is the perfect combination of Organic Tibetan Goji Berries | Nature’s Superfoods (good for eyes!) and antioxidant-rich Organic Raw Cacao Powder. If you have a sweet tooth, you will love it!

Unlike other desserts, this recipe has a unique fusion of chocolaty and mildly berry-sour flavours from goji berries. It makes a nutrient-dense snack or after-dinner dessert with crunchy superfood toppings like Organic Raw Cacao Nibs | Nature’s Superfoods  and Organic Roasted Coconut Flakes. So, let’s check out in detail how you can prepare this healthy snack.


Serving Size : 3-5 mini cups
Garnish To The Best (optional)

Instructions To Follow

Step 1) Measure the ingredients in the above-mentioned amounts. Put them in separate bowls so they are ready to be used in the recipe.

Step 2) Take small aluminium cups. Use them as a mould for the mixture to let it dry and refrigerate it.

Step 3) Mix organic extra virgin coconut oil and organic cacao powder in the above-mentioned amounts in a small bowl.

Step 4) Add the almond butter into the bowl – mix well.

Step 5) Lastly, melt the coconut sugar in a little water (1/2 tbsp) and add to the bowl. Mix well until you get a creamy texture.

Step 6) Pour the mixture in the bowl into the aluminium cups and spread it evenly with the help of a spoon or spatula, if required.

Step 7) Now add the toppings such as organic coconut flakes, goji berries, and cacao nibs. You can increase or decrease the amount of toppings while garnishing, as per your preferences.

Step 8) Put the cups in the fridge (not freezer) for at least 20-30 min or overnight, and let the mix harden. Make sure that the mixture in all the cups is fully frozen before you take them out.

Step 9) Take the cups out of the fridge. Afterwards, gently take the hardened mix out of the cups, and serve.

Frequently Asked Questions

For How Long Can I Store This Dessert in The Fridge?

You can store this dessert up to 2 weeks or even longer.

Is It Beneficial For Health?

Yes, of course! The main ingredient, raw cacao powder, which is the base of the Raw Dark Chocolate – Goji Berries  Mini-Cups recipe, is rich in flavonoid antioxidants, bliss nutrients and important minerals like magnesium and iron. They help control the blood pressure levels, prevent blood clot formation, and facilitate good blood flow to the heart and the brain. Our organic goji berries (super-sized!) have numerous health benefits, such as strengthening the eyes, the immune system, promoting skin/liver/kidney health, and more.


If you are looking for a unique tasty dessert for any other special occasions, the above-mentioned Raw Dark Chocolate-Goji Berries Mini-Cups recipe is worth giving a try. Besides, you get a healthier snack alternative than packaged chocolate desserts which are chock full of refined sugars and nasty chemicals/additives. There is no need to compromise your health to experience delicious chocolates with this recipe. With colourful toppings, this dish will surely capture the attention of your guests during special occasions