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DIY Acai Berry Bowl

DIY Acai Berry Bowl

DIY smoothie bowls with superfood ingredients are immensely popular among health enthusiasts. The ” DIY Acai Berry Bowl ” is one of the tastiest and healthiest recipes, which is full of antioxidants and takes only a few minutes to prepare. It has the goodness of organic Acai Berry Powder, a purple superfood well known for its anti-aging anthocyanin antioxidants and wild berry flavor with dark chocolate tones. Besides, the yogurt and bananas used in this recipe make it a filling and refreshing morning breakfast.

Organic Acai Berry Powder  is made from 100% freeze-dried Acai Berry pulp which has retained all the nutrients from fresh Acai berries.  Acai berries, which its powerful anthocyanin antioxidants, can help improve brain functioning and keep cholesterol levels under control. The used in this recipe is also a rich source of magnesium and potassium. The combination of acai and bananas are helpful in muscle recovery and providing energy to the body. All in all, the “Acai Berry Bowl” is a delicious treat, rich in nutritional content. Let’s take a look at its recipe and the required ingredients.

Ingredients Required To Prepare DIY Acai Berry Bowl

Serving Size : 1

Time Required : 3 minutes max. (if frozen ingredients are ready)

Healthy Toppings

Our favorites are the Cacao Nibs and Crunchy Toasted Coconut Flakes!

Steps To Prepare DIY Acai Berry Bowl

Step 1) Peel a ripe banana, break into a few pieces and put them in a ziplock bag before putting the bag into the freezer for around 2 hours or overnight.  Alternatively, you can buy frozen bananas online.

Step 2) Put the frozen banana, Greek yogurt, frozen berries, and Acai Berry Powder into the blender.

Step 3) Add cold water (half to 1 cup) to the ingredients and blend them to form a paste of uniform consistency.

Step 4) Add toppings such as Sweet Cacao Nibs, nuts, Toasted coconut chips and Mulberries and serve chilled.

Tips and Tricks To Prepare A Perfect Acai Berry Bowl

Use Unsweetened Acai Berry Powder

Make sure to avoid Acai berry powders that have added sugar. As we have used ripe bananas in the recipe, the smoothie is already sweet and doesn’t require sugar. Also, by avoiding refined sugars, you can keep the recipe healthy.

Consume Right Away

Juices, shakes and smoothies taste best when consumed fresh. However, you can refrigerate the smoothies and eat them the next day. But, you will not get the refreshing taste, and the flavours will also lose their strength.

Add More Fruits

You can enhance the taste and nutritional value of the “DIY Acai Berry Bowl” by adding fruits like mango, papaya, etc. You can put any of your favourite fruits in the smoothie; just ensure they are ripe and fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Can I Add Milk Instead of Cold Water To The Recipe?

Yes, of course! If you want to add an extra source of protein to the smoothie, you can use milk (preferably plant-based milk). Also, adding milk will increase the thickness of the recipe making the consistency richer.

Can I Refrigerate The Acai Berry Smoothie and Use It Later?

Yes, you can store the Acai Berry smoothie, but just for a few days. Afterwards, it goes bad. Pour it into an air-tight container, and place it in the freezer. Also, you need to let the mix defrost before consuming it, by transferring it into the fridge from the freezer.

How Can I Make A Vegan Smoothie?

It is really easy to prepare a vegan Acai berry bowl. Just replace the standard milk and yogurt with plant-based milk and coconut dairy yogurt.


The “DIY Acai Berry Bowl” is loaded with the goodness of Acai berry powder and the taste of your favourite toppings & fruits. Besides, the recipe takes minimal effort to prepare, only 2-3 minutes to blend the ingredients. Treat yourself to this amazing powerhouse of antioxidants, vitamins & minerals and dietary fibre anytime you want. So, give this recipe a try, and experience a unique and refreshing combination of flavours.