PROATS – Launching Soon!

Not Your Ordinary Oats

Nature’s Superfoods PROATS (Protein + Oats) is not your typical plain oatmeal breakfast!

It is way better.

What makes our PROATS special?

The ingredients in this clean-label vegan protein breakfast is specially crafted to be high in complete protein (all 9 essential amino acids) and dietary fiber, low in sugar (less than 5g / 100g), and packed with the complete set of B vitamins (including folate and B12) and prebiotic fibers for your gut health.

No cooking required. It is quick and instant. Just add 3-4 tablespoons of PROATS to warm water or plant-based milk, and stir well before drinking.

Free from gluten , refined sugar, dairy, soy and all allergens. No preservatives or nasties.

PROATS is good for……

Besides being excellent for VEGANS who need Vitamin B12 (usually gotten from animal foods), PROATS is also great for WEIGHT-WATCHERS, DIABETICS and generally anybody who is looking to have a healthier high-protein, low-sugar breakfast without burning a hole in the pocket. Working adults with busy lifestyle will appreciate this quick-n-easy protein breakfast, especially those who are keen to lose some weight and not compromise on proper nutrition!

Oh, did we mention that PROATS, with its quality complete protein and B vitamins from Nutritional Yeast, and beta-glucan from oats, also makes an excellent breakfast/ light meal choice for pregnant ladies, growing children, athletes and gym-goers.

Stay tuned to more news about PROATS……..