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Raw Cacao Nibs

What’s the difference between raw cacao nibs and regular dark chocolate/cocoa?

Raw cacao nibs specifically refers to unroasted cacao beans that have been separated from their husks, and broken into smaller pieces. This is the most natural form of cacao (short of eating the whole cacao bean) which is not subjected to any processing except for a low fermentation process (of the beans) to bring out the cocoa flavor, increase nutrient availability and reduce phytic acid content. Raw cacao nibs are 100% pure cacao, no other added ingredients. Regular dark chocolate/cocoa generally refers to a more processed chocolate product which is made from roasted cacao beans. Sugar/sweeteners and fat are usually added and heat is applied in the process of making regular chocolate/cocoa. The whole process, unfortunately, destroys quite a fair bit of antioxidants. Unlike processed dark chocolate, these antioxidants are preserved in raw cacao nibs/powder.

What is the recommended serving of raw cacao nibs?

5 to 20 grams or a small handful. You do not need to consume raw cacao nibs on a daily basis to benefit from its nutrients.

Can I drink dairy milk with raw cacao nibs?

Some research has found that mixing dairy milk with cacao inhibits the absorption of nutrients like antioxidants. Try non-dairy milk substitutes such as coconut milk, soy milk, almond milk or just plain water.

Can I bake with raw cacao nibs?

Not recommended. High temperature will definitely affect some of the raw cacao’s antioxidant properties.

Are your Raw Cacao Nibs sweetened?

Our Sweet Raw Cacao Nibs are sweetened with a coat of Yacon root syrup which doubles as both a natural sweetener (with a very low GI) as well as a natural dietetic and prebiotic food that can help with digestion. Our Raw Cacao Nibs on the other hand, are unsweetened- hence bitter in taste as with 100% dark raw chocolate.

How do I eat Raw Cacao Nibs?

For Sweet Raw Cacao Nibs, eat them straight out of the bag as a guilt-free dark chocolate snack or you can use them as toppings for yoghurt, salads desserts, smoothies. You can also blend them into your smoothie. For Raw Cacao Nibs, due to their bitter taste, it is best to use them as toppings for yoghurt, salads desserts, smoothies, even coffee. Or blend them into your smoothie.

Can sweet raw cacao nibs be used for baking or cooking?

No, it is not suitable for baking or cooking as nutrients will be lost.

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