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Maqui Berry Powder

What’s the benefit of purple antioxidants (anthocyanins) in Maqui Berries?

Maqui berries contain amazingly high levels of anthocyanins (purple pigments with high antioxidant activity) called delphinidins (a type of anthocyanin). These delphinidins demonstrate potent anti-inflammatory activity, so they help to lower the risk of a variety of degenerative diseases that involve inflammation, ranging from cardiovascular disease to diabetes to arthritis. Delphinidin has also been shown in studies to have strong positive results in inhibiting cancer cell growth, including prostate and colon cancers. The richest known natural source of delphinidins is the maqui berry. Maqui Berry also has anti-diabetic effects and helps inhibit LDL oxidation (as published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2002), which means Maqui can help with the reduction of LDL “bad’ cholesterol levels.

Maqui Berry, Camu-Camu Berry, Chia Seeds are all high in antioxidants, which one should I take?

You should consider these superfoods as different nutrient-dense whole foods with different sets of nutrients and antioxidants that will benefit your body in different ways. There are many, many types of antioxidants and no one superfood has them all. Variety, balance and moderation is key toward achieving proper nutrition - there’s no reason to focus on just one high-antioxidant superfood and ignore the rest. Your body needs an array of antioxidants. For example, Maqui Berry has an abundance of purple antioxidants called anthocyanins which are known for its strong anti-inflammatory & anti-cancer benefits; Maqui has more anthocyanins than Camu-Camu Berry. Camu-Camu Berry Powder, on the other hand, is the No. 1 superfood for full spectrum Vitamin C (Camu-Camu has higher Vitamin C content than Maqui Berry) and Vitamin C is another type of antioxidant that is particularly effective in boosting the immune system function.

Can we overdose on antioxidants?

As mentioned above, variety, balance and moderation is key toward good nutrition. Like an orchestra that needs the correct representation of different instruments to make a beautiful symphony, so our bodies need an array of antioxidants in right proportions, not just one type of antioxidant, to ensure good health. Much like how we have been advised to eat a “rainbow” of different colored fruits and vegetables as each colored vegetable and fruit has unique properties, it is equally sound nutritional advice to consume a variety of nutrient-dense superfoods in appropriate servings (according to age, gender, and physical activity level), not just stick to one, as each superfood has different sets of nutrients and antioxidants in different concentrations. It will be difficult to overdose on antioxidants if you adopt the above approach.

Can children take Maqui Berry Powder?

Yes, of course. It is, after all, a wholesome nutrient-dense berry. Children can take approx. half to 1 teaspoon daily of Maqui Berry Powder, it’s perfectly fine even if they take more like 2-3 teaspoons when they are down with fever, for example. Mix powder into juices, smoothies, yogurt, cereals, etc.

Can I mix the Maqui Berry with other berry powders like Camu-Camu Berry for example?

Of course you can. Both berries are wholesome foods; you will be getting a wide variety of antioxidants by combining superfoods. Experiment with different recipes of superfoods for your family.

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