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Chia Seeds

What is the best way to consume Chia Seeds?

Chia seeds are so easy to consume in so many ways. For convenience sake, we recommend adding 1 tablespoon of chia seeds in a glass of liquid like water or juice or beverage (doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold), stir the mixture quickly to break up any clumps, let sit a few minutes, stir it again, then drink. This would give time for the seeds to absorb the liquid, swell and form an outer gel-like layer before you consume them. The gel acts like a physical barrier which facilitates a slow and uniform rate of digestion of the seeds in the body, leading to better digestion and absorption of nutrients. Put the mixture in the refrigerator if you want a thicker chia gel. The longer you let the mixture sit, the thicker the gel will become. Chia gel can be added to hot/cold cereals, sauces, salads, spreads, smoothies, etc. without changing the taste of the food and yet, adding a nutritional boost to it.

How much Chia seeds should you consume in a day?

A general guideline will be 1-2 level tablespoons or 15g of whole chia seeds a day for adequate intake of Omega 3 fatty acids (3g).

Can I consume Chia seeds on an empty stomach?

You may consume chia seeds on an empty stomach if your stomach does not usually react adversely (causing gas or bloating or diarrhea) to high-fiber foods. Most people with regular stomachs do not have any problem consuming chia seeds on empty stomachs. A customer with Acid Reflux: We received feedback on how chia seeds have helped in this customer’s acid reflux problem. Customer would take about half a tablespoon of unsoaked, dry chia seeds and just swallow it on an empty stomach. The chia would absorb all the acid in the stomach. A few minutes later, he would drink a glass of water (as the seeds are so hydrophilic that if they do not find enough to absorb in the stomach, they will draw from the body tissues instead). Start with a small amount of dry chia seeds first.

What if I have stomach cramps after consuming Chia seeds?

Taking substantial amount of chia seeds without sufficient amounts of fluid may lead to stomach cramping due to the seeds absorbing liquid from the stomach. Just drink more water to solve the problem or lessen the amount of chia seeds consumed.

Should I rinse or wash the Chia seeds before consuming them?

No, there is no need to. Nature's Superfoods ensures that every batch of chia seed we import is safe for human consumption (by sending samples for microbiological testing at an accredited food laboratory).

I have low blood pressure. Can I consume Chia seeds?

Those suffering from low blood pressure may encounter side effects like dizziness after consuming chia seeds. Chia seeds has natural blood-thinning effect.

I have a sensitive bowel condition.Can I consume high-fibre foods like Chia seeds?

Those with sensitive bowel conditions should always start off with small amounts of chia seeds to get your body adjusted to the high amount of fibre from chia seeds.

Are there any problems with taking Chia seeds with medications?

For those on medication, you should always consult with your doctor before adding anything new to your diet. If your doctor has no objection to you taking Chia seeds, start with a small amount and consume the seeds at a different time from your medication. General concerns exist for those taking blood thinners like warfarin that they should avoid taking chia seeds which could thin the blood further.

Can I store Chia seeds at room temperature?

Can I store Chia seeds at room temperature?

What ’s the difference between White Chia Seeds and Black Chia Seeds?

There is no major nutritional difference between the black and white seeds. Studies have shown that the difference is more related to where and how the seed was grown, the soil condition of the area, and not so much the seed colour.

What’s the difference between Australian Chia Seeds and Mexican Chia Seeds?

There is no significant difference between the two in terms of nutritional profile which is more affected by factors such as when the seeds are planted and harvested, the climate, elevation, latitude, soil condition- how it is maintained, irrigation, etc. Seasonal variations exist from crop to crop, so averaging them all, there are no significant differences. Some people may have found the Australian Chia seeds to be crunchier, cleaner but less quick to absorb fluids. Mexican Chia, has always had its following as the seeds originated in Mexico and Central America and were a staple in the diets of ancient Mayans and Aztecs.

What's the difference between natural, pesticide-free Chia Seeds, and certified organic Chia Seeds?

There is no significant different in terms of nutrtional values like Omega 3, antioxidants and dietary fibre between the non certified organic and certified organic chia seeds. Both are grown in a pesticide-free environment. However the farmers of certified organic chia seeds have gone the extra step by investing time and money to apply for organic certifications of the whole farming and production process, so as to provide additional assurance to consumers concerning the organic nature of the final product.

Can Chia seeds cause bloating?

The truth is - they can. Chia Seeds absorb 15-20 times their weight in water. When chia seeds move through the gut, they draw water from the intestine area, like a sponge. These seeds expand in your stomach, which leads to bloating. How to prevent Chia Bloat?

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